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Ashtons - Family Resort

by Realore Studios

Goal of the game

Bring families to their cabins and make their stay as pleasant as possible. Earn enough money to make the daily goal and let no customers leave in a bad mood.

Game controls

When families arrive, you can bring them to a cabin by left clicking the family and then left clicking an empty cabin. Whenever families request a service or entertainment, you can give them what they want by left clicking the service/item and then left clicking the family or their cabin.

When customers leave your resort, they will leave a payment. Click the coins on the left of your screen, to collect their payment.


When Santa is dropping by, click the little packages to earn more money.

After each level you get the upgrade screen. If you have enough money, you can buy new services or upgrade existing services. You will earn more tips by doing so.
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Ashtons - Family Resort
500 character maximum