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Sewer Fever

by Sarbakan
More Games from AOL Kids The sewer is where Tanner is headed to face the evil Han. It is there that Tanner’s Kung Fu friends are being held against their will, locked behind reinforced steel prison doors. The doors are solid metal and your mission is to help Tanner get through and destroy those doors to rescue his Kung Fu companions. Along the way you have to use your Kung Fu skills to fight Han’s henchmen who are dressed like ninjas and hiding in spots all over the depths of the sewer. You are armed only with a Kung Fu staff to take on the obstacles and evil ninjas. Use the right and left arrow keys to move, and the up arrow to jump. You can also use the spacebar to jump over your opponents and obstacles. And you have extra power to find – look for pizza slices which will temporarily spin Tanner’s staff and wipe out everything in his path. If you see food you can go over them as you’re running to rack up 1000 points. But if you smash the food with the staff, Tanner gets nothing. If you get Tanner caught up in the green ooze it will slow him down and stop the spinning, leaving him open to attack. If you grab all the pizza slices and the doors still don’t open that means you have to try again because you’re blocked. Your progress is timed so you have to keep moving. If the henchman get the best of Tanner 5 times, the game’s over and you lose. That’s ok, just hit reset and start over.
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Sewer Fever
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