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Bricks of Atlantis

by Swedish Game Development
<h2>Game objective</h2> Destroy all the blocks and collect bonus items. <h2>Game controls</h2> Click with your left mouse button to shoot the ball and move the bat to catch the ball and the bonus items. <h2>Score and bonus</h2> The scores depend on what you hit and which of the bonus items you catch: <br> Hit a block with a large bat - 10 points <br> Hit a block with a medium bat - 20 points <br> Hit al block with a small bat - 30 points <br> Hit a plant - 1 point <br> Hit a reef block - 1 point <br> Hit a seaweed block - 10 points <br> Hit a jellyfish - 25 points <br> Catch a coin - 50 points <br> Bounce off a tornado on the bat - 100 points <br> Knock out a jellyfish - 150 points <br> Open an oyster and catch a pink pearl - 250 points <br> Catch a bonus star - 100, 200, 300 or 400 points, depending on the combo <br> Catch a bonus item - 25 points <br> Catch a golden bonus item - 1,000 points
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Bricks of Atlantis
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