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One night the demise of the foxhole occurred. The people of authority told the people on the beach that an extremely high tide was coming in and to stay off the beach. All my friends took heed and moved to the berm which is higher than the middle of the beach. I was more interested in drinking my half G of vodka and listening to the radio and be in a coma. What woke me up was Joey yelling, “Get out of the hole the tide is coming.” Joey kept yelling at the top of his lungs, yelling and yelling, “Get out of the hole the tide is coming.” I took me a long time to respond (good marine, no man left behind) I sat up and saw the waves slapping at the edge of the hole. The waves were splashing at the lip of my bedroom. I scrambled into the kneeling position and started tossing out everything, my blankets, my radio and backpack. The waves were starting to splash into the hole and I was too drunk to stand up. I had to crawl out of the hole turtle fashion and never losing a grip on my coveted bottle of vodka. I did not

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