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I love gardening....I take care of fertilizing and spraying and making sure things get pruned so we have fruit each year. It is my therapy. My greatest joy is my Family. My husband and I have been married 60 years and yet we are pretty active and young. We have 2 wonderful daughters and they each gave us 2 grand children. Three girls and I boy. The boy was first and he also is the only one of them that is married. Now this is big news; He and his wife gave us our first great grand child. Her name is Lainie and she is 2 years old. 2 months ago they had a boy and once again it was our joy to see him arrive Zach. I also have a hobby cooking. Love to make delicious food and and good desserts. Today I made a delicious prune cake....doesn't sound good but it is to die for. Come on over and we will have some and coffee.

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