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After my last edit to this profile, I could really see that some people were instantly offended. Guess what? That means you are one of the "just wanna get along with everyone so my life is easier" kind of people. Personally, I don't hold that against you, hey we are here to have fun right?. Why should you bother to go out of your way to speak the truth when you know it ,or do the right thing when you see a wrong being done. It wasn't hard to see, nor did it take long to separate the masses. Hell, within an hour or so of posting that profile and without me saying one word to anyone good or bad, you placed yourselves in the exact category that fits who you really are on this site and no doubt, in real life. I can sure tell you one thing,I hope to god never to find myself in a position in real life where something so easy as speaking up for whats right or telling the truth, falls to people like some on here. If this offends you, your exactly the kind of person i never want in my foxhole.

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