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If I leave the table suddenly it is probably because you screwed up too much. I don't like to complain because that only makes an ignorant person be ignorant to me. Don't take it personally. If you are stupid you have an excuse but I don't have to like it. If I join you then take it as a compliment. As for the idiots and morons there is no help for you. You know who you are and if you don't have enough intelligence to realize that ( Dam are you dumb!). For the players who harass me by bidding 13 I take it is a compliment so keep wasting your useless life trying to upset me. I know you can't help you low azz IQ and childish ways. If you could you would not be wasting your time with me and accept the fact I bested you which is why you are upset at me in the first place you dumb azz Moron. By harassing me you just admitted that you are a failure. :-) I do know players here that play a good game those people I respect.

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