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My name is Colleen. I withstood a bit of verbal abuse because of comments I may or may not make while playing. I feel no compulsion to apologize for my manner of chatting. I have played Euchre for a number of years in the REAL WORLD and in that venue players do not continually thank the opposing team for taking tricks, setting them, having good hands, etc! I chat in real life table conversation. Euchre is a trick taking game. Players are supposed to take tricks! I also do not apologize for posting encouraging remarks to my partner. I utilize situations that warrant positive & negative feedback to all players involved. I am here to play Euchre, hopefully win, and have fun. I enjoy chat but not necessarily always about the game, & sometimes commenting on every trick, action or game etc, can be superfluous, unnecessary, distracting, and delays play. Not ALL games are particularly good! I enjoy the camaraderie here. Please be kind & tolerant. There is enough strife in our world. Thanks Friends

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