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Hi I have always liked games of strategy, but never played very many of them. I always enjoyed a good game of Stratego and another called Score Four and also Othello. In the past year I've played more Checkers than my first 52 years on this earth. I never played any other way than jumps are NOT required so this is the only game I truly call Checkers. I just can't see the logic in forcing a player to make a move that he doesn't want to. Would an army commander have to fight every enemy that encamped right next to him? No, he wouldn't. So there's my logic. Anyway, I enjoy the "Casual Checkers" on Games.com as it is called, and only have one complaint. That is that we are still forced to take a second jump of a double jump in this version and we should not have to take any jumps. I would prefer a question popping up to verify whether the second jump is desired. How many feel the same? Nonetheless, this is still a wonderful site and the players are very good. I have only gotten better here

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