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Broken heart and Sad. I hurt Many that I've loved but hurt the one that i loved the most. I found a soul mate out of time and loved her beyond words and life itself. I found her here in all places and she saved me, she offered me and i took them. Brought me back from the brink of death and saved my life. In return, i lied because of my own cowardliness. Now i stand here, without her and even thought I have no life without her. I tried to find a replacement, but there is no replacement for someone who can read your mind. So in the end we must remember not to omit, not to forget and not to fall victim to who we may or may not be, but to be yourself, cause in the end you are only who you are and nothing more, but you and you alone shape that and make you better and truer. I've found another out of time but there is no replacement for what I've lost and what I've done. I am what I've made and have become that which was made. Love those that love you, do not omit, even if it hurts be true!!!!!!

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