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I luv to travel and I enjoy chasing balls and making my Mommy's chickens run like crazy. My favorite foods are browned ground meat and grilled chicken. My favorite pastime is riding in my basket on Mommy's bike whenever she thinks she needs to exercise which is not often enough. (she is really lazy most of the time and wants to play computer games with me instead) I have mastered sleeping with my head on my pillow in Mommy's bed because if I don't I snore really loud and it makes Mommy laugh.. I love my brother Monty. He is such a strange fur baby because he meows and purrs and thinks he is the boss but we all know better. I am the queen of this home and I rule. I also have 2 big sisters, Sophie and Shelly. Sophie loves to play with me but Shelly is much older and just wants to sleep a lot but she has her own bed so I do not have to share. I love my cousin Nicky but he is a bit wild and crazy---those Yorkie Texans are known for that....LOL

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