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All of my accumulated points/stars are entirely from playing pinochole. I do not play old maids, pitty pat, hearts, gin, or other assorted parlor card games for points/stars. Ask the person with more stars/points than I have and I bet you a dollar to a dime, rarely will they have gotten stars/points from pinchole only. Very very few players on here are intelligent enough to play the game by protocol as it pertains to bidding, etc. Thus I frequently play alone cause the computer is more challenging than the average human player. And my friends live here in Macon, Georgia and other places around the country, so I talk to my friends in person, visit in person, love them road trips or on the telephone/email, and do not have to rely on a card game chat room for friends to have someone to talk too. And very best friends have 2 legs, not 4 legs. Althought I do have a black cat that I care for, but I have never confused my concern for the cat with love another human being.

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