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here I am to save the day :) ..... ...Im a super hero...... enough said super powers: x-ray gargles fly like a byrd..(certified for roof tops to ground only) dont really like flying to much jump curbs in a single bound faster than cheata (when its sleeping) motto: (no day to big or bad to save) weakness: hot cooking oil to me.... is like kryptonite to super man Poppeyes, C Sanders, Hot Wings, Struds, and Hooters:( sharp axe, wylie Coyote, little red hen, and super woman :) Super hero since 1992 (member of the super hero hall of shame) total days saved: 420 customer satisfaction: 100% positive feed back ***** stars Specialty: pretty girls tied to railroad tracks for day saving call: 911- SAVE DAY 911-728-3329 or superchikendick@aol.com Best regards, Richard Rigid..

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